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    Design-Build Contracting Expertise

    Blue Northern Builders is a design-build contractor serving clients throughout California. Our team can help you take full advantage of the benefits design-build can bring to your project.

    The design-build method—also known as integrated project delivery (IPD)—provides you with a single point of responsibility for ensuring that your budget, timeline, and quality goals are met.

    Improved Project Quality

    When employing the design-build method, the architect and general contractor coordinate as a team from the very beginning of a project to ensure every detail meets the owner’s needs.

    Early Knowledge of Construction Costs

    As the design is being prepared, the design-build team creates budgets for the various components in the project. This can help establish feasibility and determine financing early on.

    Cost Savings

    Working as an integrated team, a qualified design-build contractor like Blue Northern can evaluate alternate materials and methods to determine opportunities for cost savings.

    Faster Projects

    The collaborative nature of the design-build method allows design and construction to progress smoothly and with fewer bumps along the road.

    From concept to completion, Blue Northern Builders is your full-service design-build contractor. Contact our California-based company today to discuss your project with us.

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