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    Veterinary HospitalDesign and Construction

    Blue Northern Builders can help you create a facility that supports your mission to provide the highest quality care and reflects your practice’s unique philosophy and values.
    Our expertise in the specialty field of medical construction allows us to provide comprehensive veterinary hospital design and construction services for clinics of all sizes and modalities.

    Simplifying the Veterinary Building Process

    When building a veterinary hospital, many design and construction details go into making the space work for doctors, patients, clients, and staff. Blue Northern Builders can help make the process as easy as possible.

    Your Blue Northern team will partner with you from start to finish, walking you through every step of the design and construction process. From the initial site selection all the way to the placement of your waiting room chairs, we are committed to making your dream a reality.

    Contact Blue Northern Builders today to discuss your veterinary hospital design and construction project with one of our experienced team members.


    Roseville Veterniary Clinic

    H. Omar Cabrera, DVM and Aileen Thompson, DVM

    1716 Sq Feet

    Modern, simple and sleek, fun build-out in our own neighborhood!

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    Dr. Laurie Langford, Theatre View Veterinary Clinic

    Veterinary Office in Orinda, CA

    2,608 sq. ft.

    The design for this project called for the creation of separate areas for dogs and cats. To provide optimum air quality, Blue Northern paid special attention to managing the airflow throughout the facility. We selected the most appropriate finishes for each room to achieve a perfect balance between hygiene and aesthetics.

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