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    Church Design and Construction

    At Blue Northern Builders, we understand that a church is so much more than just a building; it’s a home, a gathering place, and a symbol of refuge and hope.As your church design and construction partner, Blue Northern can help you create a space that aligns with your church’s vision and mission.

    We provide comprehensive church design and construction services for California faith communities, including:

    Ministry-focused Planning, Design, and Construction

    Our approach to church design and construction begins with analyzing your specific needs, expectations, and budgets to ensure your dream meets reality.

    After learning what is most important to your church, Blue Northern can help you design and build a space that best serves your ministry’s objectives.

    If you are in need of an experienced, focused building team for a church design and construction project in California, contact Blue Northern Builders today.

    Foothill Bible Church in Lincoln

    4,000 sq. ft.

    For Foothill Bible Church, Blue Northern transformed an empty industrial building into a church facility with seating for 300 and the possibility for future expansion.The build-out consisted of a worship space, nursery with playground, ministry area, and entry plaza.

    • Foothill 1
    • Foothill 1

    The House in Modesto

    51,000 sq. ft. including Fitness Center, Play Station, Game Zone, and Megabite Café

    Kidspace Children’s Ministry houses two separate auditoriums for youth worship designed to target the age group of kindergarten through 6th grade.The larger auditorium has elevated seating for roughly 400, and the smaller auditorium can hold about 100 people with floor seating.This church construction project also included several full-size classrooms for educational sessions.

    • Foothill 1
    • Foothill 1
    • Foothill 1
    • Foothill 1
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