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    Morgan Davis

    Chief Executive Officer

    Morgan joined Blue Northern Builders in 2004 and has been instrumental in our growth.  He possesses the skills, expertise, and knowledge to take a client’s dream from conception to realty.  His primary function is to ensure our projects get the resources they need to be completed withing the contractual obligation.  He works closely with all stakeholders to provide an experience that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations in a caring, friendly, and professional atmosphere.

    Fonda Davis

    Chief Financial Officer and HR Director

    Since our incorporation in 2002, Fonda manages the overall staffing and recruiting process, employee relations, benefits, insurances, and is responsible for keeping administrative records pertaining to the corporation.   She provides quality support and initiative to further overall business goals and objections for Blue Northern Builders.

    Monte Griffin

    Chief Estimator/Senior Project Manager

    Monte has over 30 years of professional estimating, project management, superintendent, and carpentry experience.  An accomplished estimator, Monte is responsible for timely and accurate bid and budget development for all types of commercial / industrial construction projects.

    Casey Davis

    Director of Field Operations

    Casey started off with Blue Northern Builders as a metal stud framer but quickly showed his ability to think outside of the box and conceptualize challenging and complex designs.  He is an Artist and Craftsman by nature and reflects these talents in his work.   Casey guides our field team with our more difficult projects.

    Marc Davis

    Retired Founder

    Marc followed in his Father’s footsteps when joining the construction industry.   It was his drive that birthed Blue Northern Builders.   After many years of hard work, he is living his retirement dream in Alaska.   The entire Blue Northern Team wishes him well!

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